From Headline Humor Headquarters in Midlothian, Va., it’s HEADLINE HUMOR for Friday, March 25, 2011!!

  • Overweight American Riders Affect Safety of City Buses- - Next: “Overweight Americans throw off Earth’s rotation.”
  • Virginia Offers Rest Area Naming Rights- - Red Bull, Imodium, Depends & Purell in furious bidding war.
  • Brazilian Dr. Dishes about Gadhafi's Cosmetic Surgery- - If that's the best work he can do with a gun to his head, I'd use a different doctor.
  • Searching for a New Way to Test Schoolkids- - Turns out teaching to the test and rote memorization don't work after all.
  • Virginia Outlaws Synthetic Marijuana- - Just another example of “Big Pot” getting its way at the Capitol…

This has been Headline Humor for TGIF, March 25, 2011! Have a great weekend!!