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Sacrificial Lambs is a sharp-edged satirical portrait of three of American society's most vicious industries - politics, the media and televangelism - written by a political and media relations insider. It is the story of a family's fight for survival against these cultural predators when an apparently supernatural event -- the family's 18-month-old son seems to be used by God to send a message to the world -- catapults the family to international attention. The event is caught on video by a local television news crew and at the speed of a satellite uplink, is passed along to the Global News Broadcasting Network Co., better known around the world as GNBNC, the Global World News Leader. Soon the Story of the Millennium is off and running, complete with its own theme song by The Edge.

The fast-paced story shifts from Richmond to the GNBNC News Vortex in Atlanta to Nashville to Washington, D.C. to Caracas and back as a troupe of colorful characters angle and elbow for the most profitable position in the unfolding international incident. Each views the boy and his family as an instrument of their own ambitions.

Sacrificial Lambs comes by its serrated satirical edge through the truths that I have witnessed during my career. I have racked up more than 25 years of media relations experience, including stints as speechwriter for Virginia Governor George Allen and the CEOs and presidents of Reynolds Metals Company, Alcoa Inc. and Capital One Financial Corporation, and well as communications director for Congresswoman Susan Molinari, U.S. Senate candidate Jamie Radtke, and Virginia Secretary of Transportation Rob Martinez.

I have written three books and more than 150 humor columns for Virginia magazines, including for the past seven years writing an award-winning humor column for the Chesterfield Observer, the largest weekly newspaper in Virginia. And I have delivered nearly 100 humorous motivational speeches to corporate, civic and government audiences across the country.

Sacrificial Lambs looks at the way that politics, media and religion can (but don’t have to) twist everything in our world to their advantage. It is cutting, yes – but in the end, it is very, very funny. Uh, in my opinion.

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Sacrificial Lambs - A Novel