Am I the only one who has trust issues with the mute button?

I will get into an aluminum tube fully aware it is going to be launched 33,000 feet in the air at 500 miles per hour.
I will pay bills online, transferring huge sums of cash (DOZENS of dollars) from my bank account to a business using my computer, never even seeing the money.
I will research a vacation location and make pricey reservations (again, DOZENS of dollars) site unseen, based solely on information I find on Internet.
But I cannot trust the mute button. When I’m on a phone call and someone in the room asks me a question, I hit the mute button and then whisper my answer. Then I freak out and double check that the mute button was on. Then I turn it off, then on, then off, then turn it on again and test it by barking at it in progressively louder shouts: “hey. Hey. Hey! HEY!”
And GOD KNOWS I will not… um… visit the facilities… when the only thing separating me from becoming a legend in the “Conference Call Faux Pas Hall of Fame” is that (obviously unreliable) mute button.
I mean, I’ll put my faith in technology and risk death, bankruptcy and a bad vacation, but I’m not crazy.