Headline Humor – Monday, Feb. 21, 2011

  • Obama: US needs better math, science ed - http://ow.ly/40kEG. Echoes Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter; similar progress expected.
  • Music exec slams Grammys as "hypocrisies & contradictions" http://ow.ly/40kOE. Also: Political consultant slams politics as “too political.”
  • West beats East in All-Star game, 148-143. http://ow.ly/40l04. New All-Star Theme Song: Goin’ through the Big ‘D’ and don’t mean Defense.
  • Wisconsin Democrats Keep on the Move – http://ow.ly/40l30. Inspired, millions of Americans flee states to avoid work they don’t like to do.
  • Weather radar clutter a boon to study birds, bugs & bats - http://ow.ly/40l82. Weather-prediction equipment will finally be useful.
  • Bernanke Defends Fed Policies critics say cause inflation, asset bubbles abroad - http://ow.ly/40lcW. “Let them eat greenbacks.”
  • Pre-run stretching doesn't prevent injuries, study finds - http://ow.ly/40lj3. Millions of runners react: “Stretch before running?”
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