Headline Humor – Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011

  • On Vegas airline, holographs of Vegas stars give safety briefings -http://ow.ly/42Aty. So let me get this straight – Deano and Sammy are gone but we’re stuck with Wayne Newton and Carrot Top forever?
  • Holograms could give virtual meetings new life-http://ow.ly/42AK6. Til the holograms project bad breath & body odor they remain a pale copy.
  • Oil Touches $100 On Libya Turmoil-http://ow.ly/42APm. No worries – food and energy aren’t counted in the inflation rate.
  • Huckabee toys with White House run - http://ow.ly/42ASp. First he might want to toy with his food a little more. (Was that wrong?…)
  • U.S. won’t defend ban on gay unions - http://ow.ly/42AX9. Wait a minute... There are labor unions for gay people?
  • Cellphone use affects brain activity - http://ow.ly/42B1t. Study cites fact that driving while using cell phones turns people into idiots.

This has been Headline Humor for Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011. Have a great day!.