Smart Dog, Dumb Dog

My dog Bailey is a smart dog. My dog Bailey is a dumb dog. But mostly my dog Bailey is a smart dog.

  • Smart Dog: She dribbles a tennis ball. When she wants us to play with her or she’s frustrated, she’ll grab the tennis ball and walk around the room or the porch bouncing the ball to herself by tossing it straight down in front of her and then catching it as it comes up.
  • Dumb Dog: She follows bees and tries to bite them.
  • Smart Dog: She doesn’t try very hard to bite the bees.
  • Dumb Dog: She repeatedly rolls the ball off the porch into the garden area, where the invisible fence prevents her from getting it.
  • Smart Dog: She barks until one of us gets up and retrieves the ball. She’s doing that right now in fact.
  • Dumb Dog: She eats almost anything off the floor or ground.
  • Smart Dog: When one of us is eating, she’ll go to the door and bark like she wants to go out. Then when we walk over to let her out, she’ll run back and grab our food off the table.
  • Dumb Dog: She ends up in the cage every time she does that.

Now, some of you, and I’m looking at you Kelly M., will say that the “Dumb Dog” examples are actually “Dumb Person” examples. Fine, if Bailey is so smart, she can write the rebuttal to this blog. I’ll publish it without any editing. But I know for a fact that she doesn’t realize how to use Spell Check..