The Problem with Technology

You know what the problem with technology is????

Some say most of our business today – and perhaps most of what we do day-in and dayout – is utterly dependent on our gizmos and gadgets.

“If our gadgets someday fail us,” the “poultry-littles” say, “we’ll be up a stream without a paddle.”

I used to think all this worrying and fretting was razy talk. That’s right: razy talk. I don’t think that anymore.

What is razy talk? That’s the kind of talk that seems to be … uh, insane. Normally I’d just use the synonym to “insane,” but that is impossible due to a messed up keyboard that has left me unable to type the letters “” and “”.

OK, now I see that it’s going to be hard to explain this problem, in light of the problem itself.

To get the FULL explanation, check out my column today in the Chesterfield Observer!