The Story of the Creation of the Story of Creation (Chapter 1)


On a bright, glorious morning, the most learned and literate man in all the village rose early and walked into the wilderness to pray and meditate about the wonders of the world that he and his people were blessed with, and to ponder the mystery of the origins of these blessings. After a short time of meditation, the man – whom we will call “John” – was startled by a voice.

VOICE: John.

JOHN: Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

VOICE: WHOA, sorry John! Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.


VOICE: John! John! Get a hold of yourself!

JOHN: Who is that??? Who is talking to me???

VOICE: It is I, John.

JOHN: I WHO? I only know one “I”, and it’s not you!

VOICE: I am the Lord Your God, John.

JOHN: Oh my God!


JOHN: What?


JOHN: Yes what?

VOICE: Yes, it is.

JOHN: It is what?

VOICE: The Lord Your God. You can call me God, for short.

JOHN: God For Short?

GOD: No, just God.

JOHN: You are Just God?

GOD: Well, yes, I’d like to think so. But my name isn’t Just God. It’s God. Just God.

JOHN: Just God?

GOD: Yes.

JOHN: OK Just God…

GOD: No, just God. I mean, my name is God. That’s it: God.

JOHN: God.

GOD: Yes.

JOHN: OK. Got it. God.

GOD: Right. mutters: Good grief…

JOHN: What?

GOD: Nothing.



JOHN: Um, what can I do for you, uh, God?

GOD: Well, I need to tell you a story, and I need you to write it down for all of my people…

JOHN: OK, I can do that. I am the best writer in the village! I know more than 1,000 words!

GOD: That’s good. But frankly, I’m exhausted. Tell you what. Come back tomorrow morning, and we’ll start then. OK?


GOD: What time is good for you?

JOHN: Uh, time?

GOD: Yes, what time can you be here?

JOHN: What is “time,” uh, God?

GOD: Oh, right. Sorry. How about sunrise? Can you be here at sunrise tomorrow?

JOHN: Sure. Absolutely.

GOD: Great! And bring lots of soft clay and reeds to write down the story, OK?

JOHN: Sure thing!

GOD: OK then.

JOHN: Yes.


JOHN: OH! We’re done, aren’t we?

GOD: Yes. For today. I’ll see you tomorrow.

JOHN: OK. I’ll just leave then. I mean, I’ll leave.

GOD: OK. That’s fine.

JOHN: OK. Well, goodbye God. See you tomorrow.

GOD: See you tomorrow John.

JOHN: OK. Bye.

GOD: Goodbye John.

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