God brought me brats in a dream & not the sausages

Share Like anyone, I’ve got a few challenges in life, some big, some small. Last night, the big challenges were doing a number on my mind – laying in bed, I could not sleep with all of the problems and the things I needed to do running through my head. It was overwhelming.

I began to pray to God that He would help me deal with all these problems, starting with helping me to get to sleep so I could get up this morning and work on them. Sure enough, it wasn’t too long before I out.

That’s when God really started working on my situation. I dreamed with excruciating realism that our kids, Daniel and Madison, were mean, ungrateful, disrespectful… and clearly did not like me at all, much less love me.

I woke up feeling TERRIBLE, until I realized it was just a dream. Daniel and Madison are exactly the opposite of what they were in the dream. They are good-hearted, loving, respectful, kind people, thank God. And then I also realized what God had done. Yes, I’ve got problems (and subsequently a long list of things I need to do as soon as I’m done posting this), but none of those problems remotely compare to how bad off I’d be if that dream were true.

Thank you God.


Now, time to get to work..


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