Our couple name is...

Share Stacy and I were watching a DVR'd episode of "Happy Endings" (GREAT show, I highly recommend it) last night, and we found out that it was mandatory that all couples have a couples name, a la Brangelina / Bradgelina (not sure the correct spelling)(not sure there is a correct spelling)(not sure I've ever used this many italicized words in a post).

So... Stacy... and Chuck... the possibilities are:

  • Chacy (pronounced chase-ee)
  • Stuck (pronounced stuck)
Either seems counter-productive to the point of a couples name, which is to foster togetherness (Which was the fatal flaw for Bradessica / Brajessica - see, you never heard that couple name, did you? That's why they broke up.).
So let's look at middle names: Louise and Daniel:
  • Daouise - Sounds like a French painter.
  • Louiseaniel - I kind of like that. It sounds like Louisiana, at least in my head. I haven't said it out loud yet.
For me, the winner is going to have to be Louiseaniel. I better reserve the domain name...

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