Introducing "Constant Crisis News & Opinion" podcast

Share I am EXCITED to announce the launch of Constant Crisis News & Opinion, a humor and motivational podcast that I am now doing with my friend and fellow humorist and speaker, Hamilton Holloway.

Constant Crisis News & Opinion is a funny weekly look at a world that has totally lost its mind. For about 30 minutes every week, Ham and I want to help listeners keep their sanity and balance by poking fun at the ridiculous and irrational expectations that our increasingly crazy society tries to dump on us.

We do this by reviewing the news of the week and adding commentary (i.e., we make a bunch of jokes about it). We also talk about life and its challenges, always with a humorous and inspirational take. We plan to begin adding regular, insightful, positive and funny interviews with motivational experts, health professionals, self-help gurus and even comedians that will offer listeners solid strategies for sanity in our nutty times.

We already have three podcasts in the can and posted, and I am very happy with them. Even when I listen to them I laugh, and I know what jokes are coming!

I really think you will like it!

But we need your help! 1. Go to the iTunes store and subscribe (for FREE) to the Constant Crisis News & Opinion podcast. You can go directly to our show through this link: Or you can go to the iTunes store and search "Constant Crisis News."

You can download one episode at a time, but by subscribing (for FREE), the podcast will automatically download to your iTunes every week when we post it, and it boosts our rating on iTunes (THAT is VERY important).

2. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Please!!! Spread the word - this is going to be a very funny show, and we think your friends will like it, because we all know how funny YOU are. Think of how much FUNNIER you will seem to your friends as you bask in the reflected glow of the Constant Crisis News & Opinion laugh-fest!!

3. It is also VERY helpful if you will leave comments, questions and suggestions on iTunes and rate the podcast - it also boosts our numbers on iTunes.

So that’s the big announcement. Please please please help Ham and me out by 1. subscribing (it’s free) on iTunes; 2. tell your friends - forward this email, share the Facebook page, retweet, whatever you can do; and, 3. leave comments and rate the program.

Please help us out, and please take a listen - I think you will like it!



What is a podcast? In case you aren’t familiar with the term "podcast"... a podcast is an MP3 file, just like a song on your iPod, that you download to your computer from iTunes or other distribution sites, again, just like a song on your iPod. You then move the podcast over to your iPod/MP3 player (just like a song - are you seeing a pattern?). There are podcasts with every kind of content on them: music, education, radio shows, comedy, how-to information - pretty much anything you might want.

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