A song for the Unsung Heroes: Administrative Professionals

ShareIt is Administrative Professionals Week, a time to celebrate the unsung heroes of every office: the Admins! I thought it was such a shame that Admins are unsung heroes that I created a song for Admins. Everybody, sing with me!

The Ballad of Administrative Professionals (to the tune of the theme song to “Gilligan’s Island”)

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,  A tale of a fateful day That happens every year in April When the Admins are away. 

The Admins get their due each year,  During Admin Professionals Week.  But as soon as they leave for a seminar, The office springs a leak.

The day is rough right from the start,  The staff begins to freak,  If the Admins don’t come back real soon, The future gets real bleak... the future gets real bleak. 

The team set ground on the shore of an unproductive working day... With the CEO  The VP’s too,  The directors, and their interns... The sales manager... They all are lost, don’t think of the cost! When the Admins aren’t around! 

So this is the tale of the Admin-less,  They're losing lots of time,  They'll have to make the best of things,  It's an uphill climb. 

The CEO and the VPs too,  Will do their very best,  To make the others get work done,  But they’re losing ground at best. 

No phones, no fax, no scheduling,  Not a single meeting planned,  Another day without Admins, And the business will crash land.

So join us here each year my friends,  You're sure to see some fun,  Cause an office without Admins,  Can’t get a thing done!

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