What do golf, grace and John Mayer have in common?

Share In my new humor column in this week's Chesterfield Observer, I talk about my dad turning 75 next week. In celebration, recently a bunch of Dad’s family from New York and New Jersey came down to celebrate: his brothers Richie and George, sister Ginny, and Jack, the husband of Dad’s late sister Elaine. Also along for the party were spouses, nieces, nephews... so many Yankees in one place that I imagine there were tremors running up and down Monument Avenue all weekend.

We kicked off the festivities on Friday with golf in the surprisingly mild weather (only 95 degrees with 95 percent humidity). We had fun, which might surprise those who know my hyper-competitive family. But the secret to being happily hyper-competitive is knowing what you are good at and, more importantly, what you are not good at, and calibrating your expectations and frustration accordingly.


There was an interesting moment before dinner. While we were saying grace, my Aunt Ginny said, “"Lord, thank you for giving us Danny [my dad] and for letting us have him in our lives for so long...”

Ginny's prayer sparked a painful yet liberating realization for me. Read about it in the rest of my September Chesterfield Observer humor column.

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