I have a second column in the Chesterfield Observer this month! Here's an excerpt:CO

"The most exercise I ever got with my elliptical was humping the daggone thing up to the attic when I first bought it. That glorified treadmill must weigh 1,000 pounds, and I was in no physical condition to be pushing it up two sets of stairs. That was why I bought it in the first place!

"Any young, strong kids out there who need a job should consider starting a company focused entirely on moving heavy exercise equipment into the homes of chubby people like me and then discreetly moving the equipment back out of the houses years later, no questions asked. If they really want to make some money, maybe they could cart out all the associated regret with the machine, but they’re gonna need a bigger truck at my house..."

Read the whole column here - I hope you enjoy it!


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