Frisbees are for Throwing!

Share My latest Chesterfield Observer humor column is on a topic that was once near and dear to my heart: Frisbee, and more specifically, Freestyle frisbee. But it's also about more... it's about life and risk and fear. Just remember: Frisbees are for throwing!!

Frisbees are for throwing! Not for leaving in the box!

Excerpt: "When I was in high school and college, I played a lot of Frisbee. (Legally, that should be “I played a lot of Frisbee® Disc,” but I don’t recall anyone ever saying it that way. In fact, I’m not sure I know how to pronounce ® in a sentence.)

"What I really enjoyed was freestyle Frisbee, which is like stunt Frisbee. Freestyle Frisbee involves tricks like spinning the disc on your fingernail and working it under your leg or around your back, popping it up into the air with your finger or toe or elbow or forehead, fancy throws and catches, and that kind of thing.

"To help the Frisbee spin freely on my fingernail, I would slick up the disc with spray silicone. I also would secure fake fingernails to my index and middle fingers using super glue, which kept the disc from getting hung up on the friction-causing skin of my fingertips. The fake fingernail thing distinguished freestyle Frisbee from many other sports. Make that all other sports. It also made for some interesting conversations with my dad."

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