Getting old ain't for [fill in the blank]

Chuck's Head
Chuck's Head

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I’m beginning to realize that when senior citizens say “getting old ain’t for wimps,” they are using the word “wimps” in place of a more colorful term.

Seriously, I am amazed that the older folks I know don’t complain 24/7? I’m now complaining 18/7, and I’m not even 60 yet. I’ve got so many different doctors at this point I’m thinking of joining the AMA as an associate member. And I’m a piker compared to my parents and their legion of physics.

Yet, these older folks don’t really complain much. You might hear the occasional, “Well, I don’t get around quite as good as I used to…” but they usually stop there instead of continuing the sentence: “because when I walk you can hear my thigh bone grinding against my shin bones from 15 feet away.”

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