My new book is OUT! As in, you can buy it. If you want.

In spite of popular demand, my third book is now out: A Dad’s Work is Never Clear: Tales of Love, Marriage, Parenting and Ice Cream. Lots of Ice Cream. As you can see, I continue to flout publishing industry conventional wisdom and common sense when it comes to book title length.

Where to get it: You can buy my new collection of humor stories right now – right now – in several places, such as:

What’s in it: The back cover says: “In A Dad’s Work is Never Clear, humorist Chuck Hansen tells tales of the chaos and hilarious, heartfelt moments that make up daily family life.”

OK, that’s true. That copywriter did not lie. My stories in A Dad’s Work is Never Clear cover important current national issues, such as:

  • What it must have been like for Stacy’s genteel Southern family to have to accept a Yankee and his raucous horde as in-laws (and then host a party for their dozens of aunts, uncles and cousins);
  • What happens when you get a pet fish for your kid (Spoiler alert: the fish dies. CAUSE THAT’S WHAT PET FISH DO.);
  • A comprehensive collection of what to do and not do for your wife when it comes to Valentine’s Day (Why make your own mistakes? Learn from mine instead! It’s a Master Class!);
  • How a frustrated dad handles his kid getting his truck stuck in a mud field while trail-busting (it wasn’t my kid, but I was witness to some… familial mud-slinging…);
  • The hilarity and blessings of a big (huge) family, written for you WASPs who will never know unless you marry into one;
  • What my mom taught me when the economy collapsed on Sept. 18, 2008 (no, it wasn’t how to dress) (See? Current events!) (I am not sure how to capitalize in these types of parenthetical expressions.).(or punctuate).; and,
  • The commonalities between 50th birthday parties and wild sex parties. Not really. What, did you think this was Cinemax?
  • But there are dozens more stories that are guaranteed (loosely speaking) to make you laugh and make me look like an idiot.

Mental Health: As you may know, mental health is an important issue for me, and I discuss it often in my stories and presentations. Ten percent of the profits from A Dad’s Work is Never Clear will go to non-profit organizations that address mental health. For more information or to get help, contact the National Alliance on Mental Illness at Or, locally, contact your local government Mental Health Support Services Community Services Board.

Here is more about me, in the third person: Chuck is the author of three books and his writing has appeared in many regional and national publications. Chuck’s humorous perspective on life comes from his big, Irish-Norwegian family (60+ first cousins) and a unique job history, including (among many others) bouncer in a Caribbean saloon, blackjack dealer, private detective, donut maker, crew on a 51-foot sailboat crossing the North Atlantic, and communications professional for a congresswoman, Virginia governor, and four Fortune 500 companies.

I hope you like the book, and please spread the word!!