I survived "Skinny Piano Tie"

Skinny Piano Tie.png

Not sure if you knew this, but when the Weather Channel talks about "Winter Storm Jimmy" or whatever the last snow dusting was called... the National Hurricane Center didn't name that storm. The Weather Channel named it.

And, this morning, I checked the Constitution, and the Weather Channel is NOT OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED TO DO THAT.

Only the National Hurricane Center and other official warning services around the world were empowered to name storms, and they only focus on the tropical storms.

But now the Weather Channel, in their infinite wisdom, as also demonstrated by sending reporters out into 120+ mph winds, has decided it is the authority that can name winter storms. The Weather Channel does this for marketing purposes.

Well GUESS WHAT Weather Channel? You're not the only weather event naming entity in town any more.

Next time you, members of the weather-enduring public, want to know what a weather event is named, come here to chuckhansen.com or go to my Facebook page or Twitter (@thechuckhansen) and check. If I haven't named the event yet, I will upon request. If you want a coffee mug or tee-shirt emblazoned with the weather event name, let me know. I got a guy.

I just looked out my window. It is sunny and cold and mid-March. I am officially naming this weather event "Skinny Piano Tie" because it is unimaginative and sad and disappointing and a little pathetic. I know of which I speak.