A speaker can make or break an event and selecting a speaker can be stressful. During his time working in the corporate world, Chuck booked speakers for events and knows first-hand how the wrong speaker can ruin a program. Chuck’s goal is to make event planners and speaker-selection teams look like heroes! Working with Chuck is easy and hassle-free. He arrives early, is professional and consistently delivers a quality program every time.

Chuck has three goals:

  1. To entertain and enlighten the audience with a fun, funny, high-energy and ultimately empowering presentation.

  2. To help make preparation for any event as simple, effortless and free of complications as possible by being a low-maintenance, easy-to-work with and flexible speaker. Chuck will be there early, ready and willing to help the guests have a great time.

  3. Make the meeting planner a hero! No meeting planner wants to bring in a speaker who puts the audience to sleep. Chuck's humor, energy and insights will keep the audience thinking, laughing and ultimately get them energized and motivated!

Chuck has presented to many, many organizations, using funny stories of adventure and business expertise to help reenergize these organization and their people with the balance, perspective & enthusiasm they need to succeed.

Chuck's unique mix of humor, business experience and wild life adventures make his presentations entertaining, enlightening and laugh-out-loud funny.

Hiring Chuck

To hire Chuck for an upcoming speaking opportunity, please contact him by phone or email:

Phone: 804-240-7743

Email: chuck underscore hansen @ verizon dot net