Keeping Balance & Perspective Amidst (Hurricane-Strength) Winds of Change – Chuck taps his own wide variety of hilarious business and life experiences and misadventures, as well as the wisdom of Henry David Thoreau, to present a funny take on dealing with change and keeping one’s balance and perspective amidst planetary insanity.

E Pluribus Humor: Diversity, Community and Getting the Best Solutions – Chuck Hansen (disclaimer: no Latin scholar) uses hilarious insights and anecdotes from his “diverse” career and life experiences to demonstrate the fact that true diversity connects communities in a common cause to arrive at the best solutions. With humor and positivity, Chuck explores how conformity in thinking, uniformity of background and “conventional wisdom” combine to limit the ability of organizations and individuals to innovate and succeed.

Living and Leaving the Caribbean Dream: Surprising Truths about Setting Goals – Chuck samples from his several lifetimes’ worth of wildly varied and often humorous experiences – from crossing the Atlantic in a small sailboat, to Caribbean saloon bouncer, to speechwriter for national political figures and Fortune 500 company leaders, to blackjack dealer, donut maker and private detective – to present some surprising truths about setting and achieving goals.

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