Headline Humor for Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to concerns about reader health and sanity, the Headline Humor segment has been declared a “Sheen-Free Zone.” Please feel free to come to the Headline Humor segment with your children, your parents, your first-grade teacher the little old nun, without fear of being exposed to Sheen of any kind.

  • U.N. Leader asks Hollywood for Help in Fight Against Global Climate Change - http://ow.ly/46k7b. Hollywood: "Do you WATCH TV or movies?"
  • Officials: Harmful Bacteria at Playboy Mansion -http://ow.ly/46klC. Officials now favorites to win Nobel Prize for the Obvious.
  • Hyundai Pushes into Premium Class with New Sedan - http://ow.ly/46kuu. Luxury Hyundai expected to list for $7,500. (j/k Mr. Hyundai. Need a speaker?)
  • NJ Congressman Tops Jeopardy Computer Watson - http://ow.ly/46kDF. Bipartisan inquiry launched on Rep's suitability for Congress.

This has been Headline Humor for Wednesday, Thank God it's March 2, 2011..