Headline Humor for Tuesday, March 08, 2011

  • 'Amazing' albatross raises chick at age 60 - http://ow.ly/4ayo0 – TLC & CurrentTV in bidding war for bird reality show.
  • Warner 'Likes' Facebook Movie Rentals - http://ow.ly/4ayhZ – In response to new threat, movie theaters raise popcorn prices.
  • Grocery-shopping mistakes to avoid - http://ow.ly/4ayrW –1: Hoping to get thru deli line in <45 min; 2: Buying fruit 300 people have touched
  • Pope to answer public questions on Italian TV -http://ow.ly/4aylj – Screeners to block any questions about Pope in the woods.
  • Senate to try to break spending cut logjam - http://ow.ly/4ayBn - Also: Crew on Titanic argued whether to plug hole w/ 1 or 2 fingers.

This has been Headline Humor for Tuesday, March 08, 2011. Have a great day! (What’s left of it.).