Today's Post

I have vowed to blog every day, but not every day do I have something interesting to say. Most days, actually. So today I'm taking suggestions from the family:

Daniel suggests: "Does anyone know where my retainer is?"

Then: "No, don't do it, then people will know I wear a retainer!"

"Hey, you're writing everything I say!!"

"I hate you!!!!!" [storms angrily to his room] [actually, he didn't. he's sitting here smirking. some teenager. doesn't know when he's supposed to be unreasonable.]

Now Madison:

OK, she's got nothing.

Bailey, our dog, is licking my foot. It's gross and soothing at the same time.

Madison update: she's really mad I wrote that she's got nothing. She says it makes her sound stupid. I disagree. She's real durn smart.

Bailey is now licking the floor. I wonder if that is a step up from my foot.

Stacy says she refuses to participate in this. But the laugh's on her: by saying that, she participated!!!!!

That is my blog for today. Where do I submit it for an award?.