It's Headline Humor for Wednesday, March 16, 2011!

  • Pepsi Unveils 100% plant-based bottle. - Kudzu bottles turn 12-pack into 24-pack by the time you get home from store.
  • NTSB: Sleep Aids OK in Fighting Pilot Fatigue. - The Creepy Green Butterfly of Darkness is my Copilot.
  • 'American Pie' Actor Checks into Treatment Center. - Star stays optimistic: “This'll be easy as pie.”
  • Woman Goes to VA Court with Tiny Monkey in Bra. - Dangling Prehensile Alert: Was the tiny monkey wearing a bra?
  • VA Tornado Drill Held. - True: HS student told to be very quiet asks “Why? If we're noisy will the tornado find us?”

This has been Headline Humor for Wednesday, March 16, 2011. Have a great day!! And RIP Page Wilson.