HAIR: the Solution?

My friend Colleen Owens, who does not deserve to go nameless, passed along some advice regarding the hair issue I recently blogged about. In the event that someone else comes up with the same idea Colleen had, I thought I should share the outcome of Colleen's idea. Colleen instructed me to get some hair removal wax and warm it up. Then take 2 Qtips dip them into the warm wax, then insert in each nostril. Wait a couple of minutes for wax to cool give a good yank and voila - problem solved.

Colleen went on to point out that Stacy could use the fury Qtips to dust with and after I got up off the floor and could see (once I'm done crying), I could enjoy free breathing for at least a day before the nose hair grows back. She also recommended the technique for inside the ears, but I never got that far.

I tried the Q-tip thing. Problem was, I couldn't get them out, so then I looked like a walrus.

I tied a string to the Q-tips and attached the string to a door knob, then slammed the door. I think it won't take long to fix the door knob but the hinges are ruined.

Then I hooked a chain to the Q-tips and secured the other end to the undercarriage of my jeep, and had Stacy get in the jeep and floor it. Thank God for airbags, is all I have to say.

Apart from the concerns all this leaves me regarding my nose hair, I also have some questions for Sir Issac Newton about why the jeep's rear end was nearly ripped from the vehicle but I didn't budge.

Thanks for the advice, Colleen..