The Fine Art of Advertising

I’ve noticed a subtle new angle in a lot of commercials these days. See if you can detect the nuanced, artfully applied selling points that these marketers have slipped into these ads.Truck commercial announcer: “That’s the truck you drive? Really? What are you? Some kind of yogurt-eating, kitten-loving wuss? If I could reach through this TV screen I’d choke you to death using the yarn in your crochet bag. WUSS!”

Lawn and garden products store commercial announcer: “You won’t find any window treatments at our store. Or appliances. Or 'female' products, if you know what we mean. What you will find is tools. And insecticides. And dirt. Dirt that we eat during our breaks. So unless you are planning to kick your lawn’s butt, we don’t want your money.”


Sexy female bartender: “I’ll get you the beer you ordered, but anyone who doesn’t drink this other beer is a sorry excuse for a man. I wouldn’t date you if you were the last man on earth, but it’s moot because you clearly don’t have enough testosterone to qualify. Get away from me. You make me want to throw up.” Were you able to pick up on it?.