Top Ten Reasons I'm Glad it's Fall

September 21! The first day of fall! (Unless it's yesterday. Or tomorrow. Whatever.) There are so many reasons to be happy that fall has arrived. In honor of the Autumn Solstice (or Equinox. Or Nadir. Whatever.), I am presenting my...

Top Ten Reasons I'm Glad it's Fall!

10. Hurricane season is half over. 9. The new television season reduces the number of awkward conversations with teenagers during and after dinner. 8. I no longer have to sit close to the fire pit at night to cool off. 7. Everyone getting up early again forces more awkward conversations with teenagers over breakfast. 6. I made it through another year without sharpening the lawn mower blade. 5. Everyone getting up early again ensures that we all start out in grumpy sync. 4. For the next nine months I can put away my guilt for not using the community pool. 3. The annual contest begins of picking up falling leaves faster than the grass seed can die!! 2. The lawn will no longer look like Stevie Wonder cut it with dull scissors.

And the number one reason I'm glad it's fall:

1. Any Bearded Dragons that get loose for the next 9 months will probably freeze to death before they can climb into my leaf bags.