Simplicity-Lit: Giving to Get? Part II

Share Monday's Simplicity-Lit was a passage from Go-Givers Sell More. Today I add a passage from Launch, an absolutely AMAZING book by Michael Stelzner, that advocates the same sort of giving approach to selling.

But, like Go-Givers, Launch warns against "giving to get," because giving with the expectation of getting in return is not really giving.

  • "Perhaps you are familiar with the rule of reciprocity eloquently described by Robert Cialdini in his book Influence. He defines a persuasive rule that transcends borders and culture. The rule of reciprocity asserts that people are hardwired to respond to a favor or givft by returning one of their own.
  • "In many ways, reciprocity has become a curse. Businesses often use gift-giving as a way to obligate people to respond - to force an unnatural response.
  • "Here's where businesses get it wrong: Knowing about the rule of reciprocity is one thing; expecting something in return for your efforts is an entirely different matter.
  • "When a gift is actually a marketing message in disguise, don't be surprised when people don't engage or reciprocate."

- Launch, by Michael Stelzner - John Wiley & Sons, 2011

So Launch is saying (and he actually says this), don't Give/Take/Take/Take. Instead, Give/Give/Give.

Stelzner talks about how people are overwhelmed by marketing messages today, to the point that they are shutting them out. If they think someone's generosity or interest is only a means to the end of getting a sale, they'll shut that person out too.

Very interesting stuff. I really really recommend Launch. It's an outstanding manual for marketing in our changing, ever-more challenging world.

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