Evel Knievel again? But this is HUGE

Holy cow. This is huge. Evel Knievel's drought chute from his Skycycle is for sale on eBay!! (Thank you Dr. X for calling this to my attention. What were you doing looking for dead daredevil drought chutes eBay, and why weren't you putting in a bridge or a crown or something?)

If not for this piece of equipment, Evel would have cleared the Snake River Canyon. He also would have been smooshed into a pancake on the other side, but let's not get picky!

Reminds me of the many lessons that Evel's abortive leap over the chasm taught me. If you missed that post, see it here.

Who wants to go in with me on this? It's only $1 million. I have $37.50 burning a hole in my pocket!!.