My New Year's Resolution: Better New Year's Resolutions

Share As we head into the New Year’s Resolution season, many folks will be making their annual promises to themselves to lose weight, treat their family better, etc.

It’s easy to create good resolutions and it’s easier to create bad resolutions. So, to help you do more of the former and less of the latter, here are some examples of each kind of resolution:

Good Resolution: Go through my email and unsubscribe from lists I don’t want to be on, in order to reduce clutter and make reading my email more efficient. Bad Resolution: Go through my email and send my bank account number in answer to any email that promises a $1,500 instant deposit into my checking account.

Good Resolution: Stay in contact with old friends by calling one on the telephone every week. Bad Resolution: Stay in contact with friends by posting and tagging Facebook pictures of them from college parties. 

Good Resolution: Getting in shape by going to the gym every other day. Bad Resolution: Getting in shape by going to the gym every other day and spending more time walking around looking at myself in the mirror than I do actually exercising, and guarding the machine I am mostly not using like some kind of tropical fighting fish. 

Good Resolution: Getting up an hour earlier every day to take care of tasks or goals that are important to me. Bad Resolution: Saving wear and tear on my alarm clock by just staying up all night until it’s time to work on those important tasks or goals. 

Good Resolution: Resolving not to eat junk food and candy at night. Bad Resolution: Resolving to get the temptation of junk food and candy out of the house by eating it all in one fell swoop. 


I’m sure I’m not the only person making bad resolutions right now. Do you have any you’d like to share? Then please do, below!

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