SMART and STUPID Resolutions: My monthly Chesterfield Observer humor column

Share Here is an excerpt from my January column in the Chesterfield Observer - I hope you enjoy it and click on the link to read the whole column:

The new year is the busy season for us motivational speakers. We are working pretty much 24/7, performing New Year’s Resolutions installs, selling long-term warranties for the installed resolutions (not very profitable, I have to admit, due to the high breakage rate), persuading customers to accessorize their resolutions with task lists, and that kind of thing.

It gets so busy that we motivational speakers often can’t find the time to attend to issues closer to home, leading to that worn-out adage: “The motivational speaker’s children have no enthusiasm.”

Read the rest of my January humor column in the Chesterfield Observer! It's funny and informational. REALLY.


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