Top Five Similarities, Differences between Tebow & Jesus

Share With the Broncos' win over the Steelers yesterday in the NFL Wild Card Playoff Game, Tebow-mania is sure to get bigger than ever.

Given Tim Tebow's much noted devotion to Jesus Christ, I thought it would be a good time to compare the two.

Thus I respectfully submit the Top Five Similarities and the Top Five Differences between Tim Tebow and Jesus Christ:

Top Five Similarities

Top Five Differences

5.  Early in both of their careers, people would say about them, “He’s a nice guy and all, but he’s no savior.”

5.  Jesus could grow a decent beard.

4.  Jesus had the Pharisees, Tebow has the sports pundits.

4.  Google Tim Tebow: 4,900,000 hits

     Google Jesus: 154,000,000 hits

3.  Jesus had God looking over his shoulder; Tebow has Elway looking over his shoulder.

3.  Jesus turned water into wine; Tebow has turned whine into “what th’???”

2.  Both grew up with a strong mom and had 11 devoted teammates (for Tebow, you have to include the field goal kicker).

2.  Ancient Rome hated Jesus; Jim Rome loves Tebow.

1.  The critics of both men said they’d never play on Sunday.

1.  Jesus’ fans didn’t think he could walk on water, but he could. With Tebow, it’s the opposite.

Got any other respectful similarities or differences? Post them below!

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