How NOT to Score: a V-Day Trilogy, Part 3

Share In yesterday's blog post, Part 2 of the epic V-Day Trilogy, I pointed out (using significant understatement) that men are confused by love and what women want. After all, we are, justifiably, not known as the more discerning, nuanced, perceptive half of the species.

Despite the complexity, I DO know what I DON'T want: a relationship based on torment, tests and traded insults. In that vein, my wife, Stacy, and I have come to at least one positive conclusion: don't keep score.

Men, if your wife says she wants a girls' weekend, don't say, "Well, then you owe me a boys' weekend!" Instead, say, "ABSOLUTELY! In fact, make it a three-day weekend - me and the kids will be fine." Pull your goalie and make it easy for her.

And women, don't wait for your husband to call in the debt - instead, you suggest he deserves a guys' night out.

Every year, my wife and her friends ("the Ya-Ya's") go down to Myrtle Beach on a girls' weekend. And on a regular basis, Stacy offers to cover at home while I go do some guy thing.

Regardless of your approach, you'll get yours, and she'll get hers. The question is whether you take it from each other or give it to each other. Even a guy can figure out which is healthier.

So this Valentine's Day, give her some jewelry, sure - but throw away the score book.

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