Sneak Peek: J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Staff Development Day

Share I am honored and excited to be the keynote speaker at lunch today for the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Staff Development Day. The theme of the day and of my speech is "Change for a Reason, not for a Season."

I will be discussing the amazing amount of change that has occurred and continues to occur in our world, and how to deal with that change and strategically select the change you will be a part of. Here is an excerpt of my remarks:

Our world has gone nuts, in every way. The news has gone nuts. The economy has gone nuts. Technology has gone nuts. Work has gone nuts and continues to get nuttier.

Even owning a pet has gone nuts.

The other day I saw a neighbor walking her dog, and the dog was wearing the cone of shame. I asked Stacy what the story was, and she said, "Oh, that dog had cataract surgery!"

Cataract surgery? For a dog???? 

Do you remember when we just figured the dog was old and couldn't see no more?

Same dog has been diagnosed with diabetes...

Who checks?

I'm not saying you should be doing cataract surgery or hip replacements or heart-lung transplants on dogs. I'm saying that the fact that you can now find yourself in a animal clinic discussing the pros and cons of that kind of surgery on your dog means the world has really gotten complicated.

The problem is, veterinary science now can do it, so you now have to do it!

You tell the kids that you are going to have to put Fido down because you don't want to pop for a $3,000 knee reconstruction!! Good luck with that!

What's next? Will we put a stair-step machine in the gerbil's cage because that old-fashioned steel wheel just doesn't achieve the necessary aerobic levels of exertion?

Are we going to be fitting goldfish with contact lenses? Where does it end? What are we doing??

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