Get thee behind me dog hair!

Share We chose our dog Bailey, a labradoodle, for a number of reasons, one being someone told us that labradoodles  don't shed much.

We recommend doing more research than that if you are considering getting a dog.

Bailey sheds like Roseanne Barr talks, until the hair or the words are piling up all around you and  irritating the heck out of you.

Last night I was vacuuming up the full dog's worth of hair that Bailey had deposited in one section of our house, and I was very proud that I was doing this. I was busting my tail, working up a sweat... I was doing the right thing. I was putting in my time. I was moving furniture, I was lifting up chairs, I was using that long skinny thing on the vacuum to suck up the hair way back behind the piano. And I was making no progress whatsoever.

Every time I turned around, it seemed like there was more hair on the floor than before.

Then I realized that the tube leading from the sucker part of the vacuum to the spinning hair collection part (stay with me - I know this is getting technical) had come loose. I was sucking up hair at one end of the vacuum and blowing it out all over the room from the other end of the vacuum.

I know there's a lesson in there somewhere... something about activity doesn't equal progress or the importance of follow-through, and I'm going to get to figuring out that lesson, but right now I need to vacuum that room again.

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