Enemies of the state?

ShareTake a good look at the two people in the picture, because apparently one of them is involved in a nefarious plot to destroy the United States of America and all it stands for. Mom and Dad - behind the smiles, one of them apparently is plotting to destroy America. But which one?

These are my parents. They have been married nearly 55 years. PEOPLE – don’t let the smiles and  happy sparks in their eyes fool you! One of these two is a cold-blooded traitor to our nation.

Dad is a conservative. Therefore, this dangerous man apparently wants to starve infants, bomb 90 percent of the world and outsource all of our jobs to the remaining 10 percent, and force little old people to live on dog food (even though he is almost 79 years old himself).

Then there is Mom. Just look at her... all smiles and grandmotherly warmth. But under that façade beats the devious heart of a liberal, a life-long Kennedy Democrat. If she had her way, she would burn all small business owners at the stake using the Constitution as kindling, and then complain that the smoke was contributing to climate change.

I will admit to some inner conflict on this issue. I know, based on everything I see on Fox News and MSNBC and read on the Interweb, that one of these two people is trying to destroy America. But I have a hard time deciding which one it is, and their actions only confuse the issue.

For example, although he retired almost 20 years ago, Dad went on to teach high school physics for more than 10 years. And for many years, Mom ran her own small business out of an extra room in the house, and at 76 she still goes downtown every week to feed the homeless.

How do I reconcile these actions with what I read and hear about people on the right and left?

My parents also have a disturbing habit of passionately disagreeing with each other and still loving each other, and I’m pretty sure that’s not how it is supposed to work these days.

Wait - some these people disagree with each other politically and... still like each other??

On top of that, they’ve produced offspring who range from liberal to conservative to libertarian. Yet neither parent has disowned the kid or kids who turned out wrong, and all of their children like (even love??) each other, despite these fundamental differences!

I do know this, though. Respecting and even loving people who disagree with you has no place in America today, and it is that kind of acceptance and sense of community that is going to bring this country to its knees.Rest assured that I am going to stay VERY close to these two characters until I can figure out which one is the cold-blooded, heartless, treacherous, devious, criminal traitor to the values and principles of America.

And then I’m going to give that despicable person a big hug.

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