Chuck turns 50 and gets in hot water with the Town of Culpeper

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I turned 50 last Friday. At first I wasn’t going to write about breaking the half-century mark because, you know, age is just a number.

Of course, 67 is just a number too, but that argument didn’t seem to sway the Culpeper police officer who pulled me over in a 55 mph zone.

So maybe a number can be just a number and also be a cause for a little introspection and growth and learning, like learning not to speed through Culpeper.

For example, age is just a number and staying young at heart can be admirable... as long as it’s not a philosophy driven by denial. But mix denial into that philosophy, and soon you are repeating mistakes in a misguided campaign to stay young at heart – mistakes like wrenching regular-fit jeans onto a now relaxed-fit body, or honestly believing that the reason the hot young waitress is being so nice is because she digs you, when in reality it’s because you remind her of her grandfather.

Read the entire humiliating column... kidding... read more in my October column in the Chesterfield Observer.

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LATE-BREAKING BREAKING NEWS: Chuck gets in trouble for what he wrote about Culpeper! Find out the whole story on Episode 25 of Constant Crisis News & Opinion.

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