Old Man, Look at your Life...

Last week I tackled one of the biggest questions facing our civilization: Is it possible that having power is so attractive that it can overcome Old Man Smell? I wrote about this, not in Psychology Today, but in my Chesterfield Observer humor column. An excerpt:

Paula Broadwell and Mother Nature recently faced off, and Broadwell won.

ShareIf you don’t know Paula Broadwell, she is the biographer, writer and philanderess who, with the full cooperation and partnership of retired Army Gen. David Petraeus, managed to compromise the integrity of the CIA and wreck, or significantly damage, at least two families.

I say at least two families because the resulting brouhaha has also ensnared Gen. Petraeus’ successor in Afghanistan, Marine Gen. John Allen, who is being investigated for potentially improper communications with the socialite who went to the FBI after Broadwell sent her threats.

Good grief, it’s impossible to keep the generals and the mistresses straight without a program.

You know the Pentagon brass is having a tough month when the good news is that the third general caught up in an ethics scandal – Gen. William “Kip” Ward, punished for the extravagant expenses he incurred while flying his wife everywhere he went – was at least behaving inappropriately with his own wife.
But here's the big question: Mother Nature likes her old men like she likes her gorillas: hairy. But why would Paula Broadwell like old men? (who says I don't take on the tough issues?)
Find out in my latest humor column in the Chesterfield Observer.

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