Don’t Normalize Violence


This is what normalizing violence looks like:

  • This guy / these people hurting people in the name of politics / ideology...

    • are terrorists (if they’re on the other side)

    • are crazy (if they’re on our side)

  • The politician encouraging violence / harassment in the name of politics...

    • is inciting violence (if he/she is on the other side)

    • is just joking / is reacting understandably to the provocations of the opposition (if she/he is on our side)

Here’s an idea for a different response: 

  • Violence / harassment in the name of politics is ALWAYS wrong.

    • ALWAYS condemn it, unequivocally.

    • No “yeah, buts”, no “whatabouts“, no “they started it.”

    • Say it with me: “That is contemptible. He should be prosecuted to the full extent.”

    • Then... stop.

  • Speeches / remarks that encourage / promote / “joke” about violence / harassment in the name of politics / ideology are irresponsible, shameful to the related political party, and disqualifying for office. Period.

    • It doesn’t matter what side they’re on.

    • It doesn’t matter what the other side has said or done.

    • Someone who will say those things is unfit to lead. Period.

    • Punish them by firing them. Stigmatize the practice.

Don’t normalize violence.