Think, guys


Look. I despise Trump. I want him out. I want the Dems to make huge gains in Congress to check his power.

But removing Trump using the 25th Amendment is a coup. It may be a constitutional coup, but it is still a coup. You would be removing a constitutionally elected president against his wishes and the wishes of those who voted for him.

And it damn well could spark armed conflict.

You want Trump out? BEAT HIM IN THE NEXT ELECTION. *That* is how democracy works. Nominate someone who can beat him (it really shouldn’t be that hard - but it would require nominating someone who represents more than just your interests, so...). Win on ideas. Respect the process. Respect your fellow Americans’ rights.

Want his power checked? Turn over Congress.

But invoking the 25th Amendment is (believe it or not) the easy way out - in the short term. In the medium and long term, it drive our nation apart, it insults 45+% of the country, it GUARANTEES they will try to do the same to you, and it brings us significantly closer to open, armed conflict.

****THAT, by the way, is what Putin wants. We don’t need you doing his bidding too.****

Come on. Think, guys.