"It's Fixable"

In my speeches I talk about strategies for sanity in a world gone nuts – things like going with the flow, maintaining perspective and, of course, humor. These are conscious, volitional techniques for separating yourself from a situation or a frame of mind and, in doing so, gaining some control over it.

But there are cases where a brain disorder (which is a physical ailment in the same way that heart disease is a physical ailment) can cause depression, panic, anxiety or other symptoms. Or there are times when we cannot overcome overwhelming feelings of vulnerability and stress.

When that happens, don’t mess around. There are mental health support organizations in nearly every town and community in the country (just type “mental health support” and the name of your community into the Google Machine).

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. You would be amazed how much better it feels when you find out that you are not abnormal (because everybody seems normal until you get to know them), and you are not alone.

The two greatest words anyone ever said to me were, “It’s fixable.” If you need help, get help.